Velkommen til vår nye hjemmeside

4. June 2015

Da er vår nye hjemmeside endelig på plass! Vi kommer til å legge ut nyheter for dette året og deretter oppdatere gjevnlig med resultater for årene fremover, alle flotte resultater fra tidligere år blir bare liggende i våre arkiver :)

Vi ønsker alle venner og valpekjøpere en flott sommer :)



» Tommy»

Hilde og Helle


27 May 2015

Valpene er født !3 gutter og 2 jenter. For mer info,  se på valpesiden.

Puppies are born! 3 boys and 2 Girls.  For more info, check out the puppiesite.


24 & 25 May 2015

FENOMENET’s showresults this weekend, it startet with The japanese breed Speciality show And

Mr. Donky ( Ice White’s Donky Kong) who took The BOB And Best in show 3

Winx ( Chezzay’s make no Mistake) 2BB and res.cac

Eleni ( Fenomenets Froot Loops) 3BB/Excl

 Day 2:

«Donky» 2’nd best male/CC,

Winx BOS And CAC And proud breeder of the BOB dog Max who also went 2’nd best in show

«Sexy» Fenomenets Dirty Talk took CC and BOB at Bath Championship Show, judge Jim Peach and his daughter Bitch CC abd Best Opposite Sex Kessaku Pumpkin Paws at 18 months.
We are to proud !!!



25 & 26 April 2015

Team Fenomenets result at this weekend Dog Show:

Fenomenets First Clas 1`st male Junior

No Se Uch NordJW-11 NO V-12 Ice White`s Donky Kong BOB!!


Kennel Fenomenet’s results day 2 :

NO SE UCH NORDJW -11 NV-12 Ice White’s Donky Kong BOB and Fenomenet’s First Clas 3′ Best Male with Res CAC


8. March 2015

Fenomenets First Clas took hils 11 `th BOB only 10 months old. He also became BOB junior.

Ice White`s Flying Footprint was BOS junior and 2`nd BF With CAC on her first show as a junior.



13. Feb 2015


Top winning Japanese Spitz list for 2014:

Male puppy:

Fenomenets First Clas 2`nd

Ice White`s Famouse Ferguson 8`th

Female puppy:

Fenomenets Froot Loops 3`rd

Chezzay`s Makes No Mistake 4`th

Ice White`s Flying Footprints 5`th

Male Adult:

Ice White`s Donky Kong 11`th

Stjêrnsmellens Fenomen 19`th

Female Adult:

Fenomenets Backstage 10`th

Lady Laiza Of Eizo 10`th

Freddygårdens Lady In White 13`th


Veteran Male:

Stjêrnsmellens Fenomen 4`th

We are so proud of these results and want to thank all of our puppy byers and co owners for taking such good care of the white fluff balls :)



27. Jan 2015

This weekend we attended at a dogshow with Fenomenets First Clas and he got:

2 x BOB and 2 x  CAC!!

Congratulations to his owners :)



23. Nov 2014

Results from the Norwegian and Nordic Winner Shows this weekend:

2 x BOB puppy Fenomenets First Clas

2 x BOS puppy Fenomenets Froot Loops and Fenomenets Fancy Pants

1 x BOS Nordic Winner

All the dogs we showed got excellent and nice critics… we are so proud and happy for all our dogs and their owners!!




 2. Nov 2014

Ice White`s Famouse Ferguson BOB puppy

Fenomenets First Clas 2`nd best male puppy

Fenomenets Froot Loops BOS puppy

No Se Uch Nord JW-11 NO v-12 Ice White`s Donky Kong BOB

Proud breeders and owners :)


1.Nov 2014

Fenomenets Dirty Talk ( Sexy) Became BOB and International Champion in The Netherlands today!

At home we have showed some of our dogs with these results:

Fenomenets First Clas BOB puppy and BIG 4 and Ice White`s Flying Footprints BOS puppy

Fenomenets All Eyes On Me BOB CAC and No Se Uch Nord JW-11 NO V-12 Ice White`s Donky Kong BOS



30 Oct 2014

Hilde Skråmestø and Helle Enerhaugen ( Former Kennel Ice White) has decided to own and breed Kennel Fenomenet together. All the dogs from both kennels are now  joined and owned by Kennel Fenomenet.  We look forward to continue to breed healthy and happy dogs!  For any further questions, please contact us :)



Hilde og Helle



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